07 February 2002

Let’s Make Love Again

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damn, first site first glance at chat
i saw me walking down the isle
locked hands wit cha
dim lights candles lit
i wanna dance wit cha
true love, long future
making plans wit cha
a subtle kiss on ya hip
romance wit cha
four-play your way
if you’re down wit me
bad day, let’s play
i’ll take your frown with me
lay down, rub ya back
take ya stress wit me
’cause you expose the best in me
every breath in me
until the end i’ll give you
everything left in me
you’re the light of my life
and the best thing for me
when all confusion dispersed
and you were left for me ( i realized )
you’re my queen, i’m you’re king
and there’s no one else for me

Note: The scribbles from my verse on the song “Let’s Make Love Again” by Kash.  Produced by Big Will.

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