“Kim In Berlin” meets Christiano Can

“Normally, I do not write about many things, let alone single people that I meet here in Berlin. That is not because I am not meeting some interesting characters, but sometimes I wonder if every detail of my life here should be shared. I have been writing a lot about music, and music groups, and this person I met fits into this category, but has a flare of personality that was unique.

Christiano Can is a character in his own category. My friend Red Astaire/Freddie Cruger up in Stockholm had mentioned meeting him at a show he had up there, and that he was coming down to Berlin. He said, hit him up, he is a cool cat. Red is a character on his own, so I did the rare thing and invited him to meet on his trip to Berlin via twitter. He answered back, and we decided to meet this past Monday. I have to say, I did not know what to expect. There were hardly any pictures, there were always other people, so I had no clue what he even looked like. Red said he was from Costa Rica. That did not help. Costa Rican is not a race or color, this guy could of been brown like me, or white like Red LOL. Needless to say we finally linked up. A tall brown man with a fro hawk showed up. He had the prerequisite ‘I listen to a lot of music Dre. Beats’ headphones I have been lusting after for quite some time. Thin build, but healthy, with a bright smile and glowing skin.

He gave me a hug when I offered my hand to shake, and we went to have a tea. Well tea for him, and wine for me as usual. We began a nice light conversation involving our mutual contact, and their desire to work with each other, and he asked me questions about myself. I explained the typical why-am-I-in-Germany story that I have told a million times it seems, and I tried to get some information out of him. Where are you from? I don’t know. Where are your parents from? I don’t know. I loved those answers. I found myself asking the same annoying questions that I am often asked about my heritage. We found a good topic of if I was happy living in Berlin, and that seemed to spark his interests. When I said things like.. home this and that..he would ask, why do not feel that Berlin is your home? What is home to you? I was thinking, well he is different…don’t flirt Kim.

He made me nervous I must admit. It was a mild day, but I was sweating nervously as we chatted thinking…just be cool. I am a really shy person when I meet bigger personalities. After chatting, he offered to take me the studio where we could watch his shows, listen to music, and smoke. He had me at smoke. A short walk later, we were listening to Christiano’s brand of music. He started with more mainstream styles of songs. He wanted to see where my head was at, where my ear was. I was thinking, you should know if I know Red, my music tastes are far beyond the average casual listener. So I said ok, I have heard this style, conscious but catchy I would describe it as. Each time, the songs content and tempo would change. From club bangers, or rebel rap anthems any Dead Prez fan would love. However, this was just the beginning of it…”

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