Is This About You?

Attack my message?
It’s packed with sense about cents.
Even the dense will attack my private way of being before they attempt to attack the truth in the words.

Attack my music?
It’s linked with a message and vibration that ignite feelings words cannot touch (and you haven’t heard the tip of the iceberg.) Neverland Collective Season begins NOV 05

Attack my friends and supporters?
Through these actions you tell me who you are and what you are.
There are no wins in this… only loses. I’ve SEEN IT ALL.
I put on my headphones, PRESS REPEAT and then walk away.

Attack the non-promoted acts of support for this RHYTHMIC MOVEMENT out of jealousy?
It works like the INCREDIBLE HULK…
We get stronger, smarter and wiser.

What I enjoy about social media?
Nothing can be removed. It can be made unavailable though not removed.
Energy is a funny thing.
Even if you type out the words and do not press send,
the intent and effort are in the air.

If it feels as though this is intended for you,
the answer is “yes, this is now about you.”

You’re doing great social media detective work!
Keep it up. It’s a great way to spend your time.

Once your negative amusement in the enigma of Christiano Can
fades, please, follow my trail of words and truth connected to a
trail of travels which connects to a lot of people who have been
sparked by a seed I planted. Whether they say they like or dislike me,
I guarantee we created something new, vibrant and long-lasting, together.

My fault is that I chase creativity to no ends. It’s more addictive than
sugar and cocaine combined ( do your research).
I’m inspired by those who I inspire.
What a cycle of inspiration!!!

I say no names, I ask for no credit and I will not stop.
My Lessons learned have been lessons shared.

WE LIVE IN A WORLD where fake likes and smiles are
indicators of popularity and desire. They even lead to jealousy
in the social media world that has replaced physical interaction.
I don’t have many likes, I don’t need many likes and…
“I’m not asking you to like me…

Digging up my past
You’ll find dirt that you don’t like
brush that dirt off your shoulders, homey
You’ll be alright.”

( I saw your social media trolls
coming ages ago and addressed
you before you knew you’d have
an issue with me. Yes, this is about you!)

I am a walking present of this world.
My knowledge was gifted from wandering past the smoke and mirrors.
My truths were gifted through painful introduction to failed opposition of my efforts.
My worldly possessions are gifts, presents, hand-me-downs, forgotten corners, extra components and the trash of those around me.

“Some say I’m very odd.
Some say “He’s got the light!”
Some say that I’m an ass.
I think the sum of all their angles is right!”

The present of my presence can be overwhelming. Anything perceived negative about me, past or present, is welcomed comfort in a world where low-vibrations top almost every statistical chart. Gossip, violence, insults and pain flood our entertainment driven modern day society.

“I’m not perfect
I’m perfectly me”
There’s a reason
That song lyric repeats
Song after song
Day after day

I have fucked up soooooo much, sooooo bad
Hurt and been hurt sooooo hard
“I made enough mistakes
To learn wrong from right
It’s through these songs
I sing the psalms that I write
And if you sing along
It’s alright!”

Don’t attack people that like, support or are effected by what I do!
“I’m On To Something.
Maybe being on!
I hear the lies
Rumors and moans.
Direction, my zone!”

You prey on the weak and I build with them.
We build each other.
“Give me a second,
Give me a minute,
Give me an hour
To take all of the fears
And leave the fearless empowered!”

“I’m seeking the best of we,
It’s my destiny,
I’m digging past YOU weeds
And still planting all my seeds.
You can try to stop me.
Knowledge is like trees.
Lose it… you can’t breathe!”
Leave #WeBE

( that’s the end of this rant )
I’m definitely not asking you to like this post.

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