InterView with Carol-Anne Gleason

What is that you spend your time doing?

Mostly not thinking about time. I aim to enjoy what ever chooses to occupy my space at any given moment. Life is a rhythm that I have learned to dance to in any and all instances; on and off beat. In summation, I spend my time grooving.

Do you feel as though you have tapped into a purpose, a passion, a vocation?

I would say that I have found my note. I am in tune with my unique vibration. Life is a rhythm and we all have a tuned vibration, if not vibrations. Often times learning what that individual vibration may be is neglected for many reasons. I know what I know and the more I learn the more I reaiize that I do not know. I have a passion to consume experiences, discard non-sense – therefore I am able to digest and distribute knowledge.

Is this your life’s work, mission, and/or both?

Life’s beginning and end are unknown to me. To say that this vibration or current understanding is my life’s work or mission would be presumptious. It would set a glass ceiling to my ever expanding reality. It would be jumping into a box that I am not yet ready to create today – if ever. What I am doing now is exactly what I should be doing. This is my day’s work and mission. Tomorrow I may be ____________ (fill in the blank).

Would you describe yourself as a singer, rapper, poet, musician, and if none of those categories matter – then how do you describe yourself?

I am a sentient being with a soul and a sound.
I laugh, I cry. I am a sentient being with a soul and a sound.
I give, I receive. I am a sentient being with a soul and a sound.
I am thankful, I share; I doubt, I believe. I am a sentient being with a soul and a sound.
I would say that I am what you say that I am. I am a sentient being with a soul and a sound.
Though to answer your question I am … just … me.

Your current projects seem to speak directly to the heart while at the same time very directly addressing social, political, and economic matters, issues with the system that seem to deeply disturb natural expressions of being human, how might you describe your current projects?

My current projects are vast in relation to what subjects are addressed. From a socio-political and economical perspective, I would say that I have honed in on an on-going and long-lasting issue that I would welcome the end of. The Ignorance of Money. My current projects I would describe as a presentation of my awareness with the subtitle of “work in progress.”


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