Incomparably Amazing

I sent you a letter but I don’t know if you read it so, I know you listen to the music and this is just something that came out today:

I’ve been gone lately
I’ve been gone lately
What I’m on may seem wrong
But its my zone
Maybe I am wrong
Maybe I am home baby
Out Here on my own
Alone. Out here free to roam
Though I seemed right at home
With you right between my arms lady
You seems to run through my mind a lot lately
A lot lately a lot of ladies
Don’t compare to you
You’re Incomparably Amazing.
Amazing lady
Amazing weren’t we
In the moments that we lived and we just let we be
We had no future hopes
And No pass thoughts
Just A lotta Hugs laughs and body shots
I think I just dropped another memory
Hold up wait, do you remember me?
Do you remember we
Do you remember me
Did you even read the letter sent from me
With no tears though sentimentally sent
With the intent of release
This is just my piece
To make peace with the piece of me
That I just let free.
Maybe one day you’ll smile when you think of me.

I’ve been gone lately
I’ve been gone lately
Thoughts of you melt my mind
Like Dali painting time.
Lady, Sometimes it takes time
To make up my mind
Probably because I find you
Incomparably Amazing.
Amazing like Edgar Mueller on pavements
Unending like MC Esher stair paintings
I will always look at you with amazement
With you in my arms I love how my days are spent
Days spent playing, At night we’re gazing
Let’s Gogh out and look at a “Starry Night’
You’re my start tonight. What movie is playing?
After dress up, we dress off
Sounds like a win-win
Take my hand Let’s win then
I heard that life is a fish tank
Let’s swim then
Too many muscles to frown
Let’s grin then
They don’t even say we’re strange
They say “oh its just them”
Alright then. Let’s just be
You do you I’ll do me
Our paths cross and we do we
Together nothing compares
We’re incomparably amazing

  • from the CAN GOODS mixtape
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