04 November 2013

In Pursuit Of The Truth

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I am in the midst of another period of being in
the close company of those effected by “Money.”
I think it’s best for me to continue those conversations
when we start from some common understanding.

I do take my time to write for a reason.
In consideration of those that want to know
and those that will study to find.

If ever I make a point, my interest and joy
is not in being right or correct.
It’s in knowing the truth.

I have no problem with being proven wrong
or incorrect. I welcome it! With much vigor
I welcome it because if I know one…
i then know the other is close – if not obvious.

If I know what is wrong,  I subsequently know
what is right … or at least a bit closer to the truth.

“Hide the knowledge in the books and they’ll never find it.”