I’m Only Crazy (#02)

If I love you…
I have killed you
Several times

If I love you…
I have ended your
Sentient existence
With Dexter-like precision.

I have killed
Every man, woman and child
With care, respect and
Due Diligence.

I have killed
You with that smirk of mine.
You know the one..
If you know me.
Can you see it now?

If I love you,
And want to engage you,
I have told you that
I have killed you.

If I love you,
And have not told you,
You are too young or
Not strong enough to know.
Give it some time.

Would you kill for love?
I wrote this letter with love.
I hope this love letter
Doesn’t kill our love.

I Love You.

I have none.
As stated before,
I’ve shared this with my loved ones.
However, if I must have a disclaimer,
It would be the same one afforded to
Stephen King, Quentin Tarantino,
& Stanley Kubrick.

Don’t mind me.
I’m Only Crazy

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