I’m Only Crazy (#01)

I have been named many things.
I have been called many things.

I acknowledge the vibrations of
Names, nicknames and aliases.
And I write about them, respond to them,
Share them and repeat them.

Other name-calling, nouns and titles…
I hear them and “For a limited time only”
I acknowledge their origin
Before moving them to oblivion.

I have been named Adonis,
Christian, Christiano, Courtney,
The Dude, Tiano, Tiger Swan, Tigger,
Khalid, Imhotep, Water, Mr. Nobody,
Earth, Show, Swan-E, Knemesis,
Ace, Nemo, DJ, Peace and AJ.

I have been called a  Genius,
Asshole, Silly, Smart, Dumb,
Mercurial, Secretive, Sensitive,
Insensitive, Arrogant, Liar, Lazy,
Passive, Aggressive, Passive-Aggressive,
Temptation, Complex, Simple,
Addictive, Prick, Soul-Preacher,
Introverted, Extroverted, Weird,
Childish, Ol’ School, Old Soul,
Captain, Leader, Loser, Hater, Guru,
Healer, Hoper, Hooper, Hopper,
Odd, Strange, Psychopath, Sociopath,
Psychotic, An Alien, a God, King,
Prince, Cupid, Stupid, Sir, Fuck Boy,
Dad, Cousin, Friend, Nigga, Nigger and
More.  Way More…

I stop my Carlin-like rant to say,
I’ve been called many things.
I respond to whatever my current
Vibration is named…
I am called

I will always,
No matter what,
Smile, with glee,
When called Crazy.

I can be many things.
I have been many things.
I will be more things.
I have been called many things.
I will be called more things.
However, thru it all
I’m Only Crazy!

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