I’m Only Crazy (#00)

Question: Christiano, who is the best singer you’ve worked with?
Answer: (obscure non-answers)
I have never answered this explicit question until now.

During the May Day Street Festival, I met Lola, 2 days before
I was to depart Berlin.  I asked that she listen to a song and
give me her first opinion before she entered the building 
behind me.

I placed my headphones over her ears and pretended to watch
the random street activity.  After the song finished, she told me
she was a musician, liked what she had heard and I asked how
we could stay in touch.

We exchanged email addresses and  she later sent me a message
with 2 song “references.”  Her written disclaimer was that they
were unfinished concepts… etc… etc.  Either way, um,
Since this 
is a month of #CrazyConfessions, let’s be frank.

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The music that Lola first sent to me, as a glimpse of what she
could do, or has done, was “flat.”  I told her that I didn’t consider
working with her based on what I heard, it was based on what
heard was possible.

And I was right.

Our 1st meeting took place at JahLingua’s studio in Neukölln.
It was clear that Lola was an discovered talent.
Unprecedented in her potential. A raw and raging creative with
her only ceiling being self-discipline.

“I’m Only Crazy” was an unforgettable magical moment with
Lala Lola.  This song was created the 1st day we ever sat in
a room with a microphone together.

When I found out she was coming over, I didn’t have any songs
in mind. It wasn’t until we started talking that I began to put
together the lyrics for “I’m Only Crazy.”

What I heard within myself vs what I had done artistically to-date
were quite far off. I had never recorded me performing in such a
a manner. I had never heard her sing in such a manner…

I jumped in the booth and summoned Bootsy Collins and Rick James
and gave it a good go. The entire time, I’m looking at Lola all whilst
forgetting that I was recording, as I had fully come into character.
Thru the window, I could see Lola bouncing along to the music and
practicing her part, in preparation to record.

As usual, I was quick to record the main verse and adlibs.
(Ask me about recording with B-One and DJ Chris on “I Know.” )
Lola was eager to record; Ready to step into the booth.

The first 10 takes we’re under the bar that she and I both agreed
was needed for this song. She could hear it in her head however
It took time for her to get it out. Quite some time. So much time
that she took a break (around 5am) and went for “a walk.”

She later told me that her walk was to the liquor to store to get a
drink. She needed to loosen up and zone out to reach the space
that this particular song needed to go.

And…It Worked!

What she did next is what ended up as the final take.
It’s raw, edgy, fun and complete.

We did it!
Written & Recorded on the same day!

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