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05 January 2019

I’m Only Crazy (#00)

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Question: Christiano, who is the best singer you’ve worked with?
Answer: (obscure non-answers)
I have never answered this explicit question until now.

During the May Day Street Festival, I met Lola, 2 days before
I was to depart Berlin.  I asked that she listen to a song and
give me her first opinion before she entered the building 
behind me.

I placed my headphones over her ears and pretended to watch
the random street activity.  After the song finished, she told me
she was a musician, liked what she had heard and I asked how
we could stay in touch.

We exchanged email addresses and  she later sent me a message
with 2 song “references.”  Her written disclaimer was that they
were unfinished concepts… etc… etc.  Either way, um,
Since this 
is a month of #CrazyConfessions, let’s be frank.

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The music that Lola first sent to me, as a glimpse of what she
could do, or has done, was “flat.”  I told her that I didn’t consider
working with her based on what I heard, it was based on what
heard was possible.

And I was right.

Our 1st meeting took place at JahLingua’s studio in Neukölln.
It was clear that Lola was an discovered talent.
Unprecedented in her potential. A raw and raging creative with
her only ceiling being self-discipline.

“I’m Only Crazy” was an unforgettable magical moment with
Lala Lola.  This song was created the 1st day we ever sat in
a room with a microphone together.

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