I Would Mask-Up If…

So in consideration:

I’d mask up,
if and only if,

1 – Bill Gates didn’t say it took a vaccine for the world to return to normal.
Government’s owned by his donations and cowardice keep that smirk on
his face.

2 – There was a clear list of criteria as to when the masks COME OFF.
Did anyone tell the Jews that “this is a one way trip.”
I need to see the exit.

3 – The SURVIVAL RATE from Covid-only deaths was below 98%.
You’re more likely to die or have adverse effects from wearing a mask,
than contacting covid-19

4 – The test issues were never resolved. There is no mention of the
faulty testing being resolved ANYWHERE.

5 – Radiation Poisoning (3G, 4G and 5G) were tested prior to implementation
against the opposition from a growing populous with concerns of safety.

6 – I hadn’t seen chart after chart after chart of lungs that look like 40 year-old
chain smokers from a non-smoker.

7 – this wasn’t the biggest human psych-op – ever! We’re living out
V is for Vendetta. Ironically enough, it ends with everyone with
MASKS ON – for a different reason. UNITY.

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