When I vividly saw “this world” approaching,
it was in December 2006.

On this morning, Lia was trying to walk in my shoes,
Moe was still working on finding something to focus on and
I was looking out the window on the 33rd floor of my Peachtree
Towers Office knowing what I had to do  –  at that it had no precedence.

I had just given one of my clients an ounce of silver (coin) and
had a conversation about the History of the Antiquities,
the Slave System called Money and how I began to
remember the future in increasingly coherent spurts.

While many of the topics discussed were based on
my life-long search for knowledge of this planet,
this Serial Entrepreneur and discerning Lawyer listened
and admitted that he was intrigued because
I had never been so open to discuss so much – unprompted.

Honestly, he was the unwitting ear i needed to voice my next steps…
as I was processing aloud. The Covenant I made with myself that day
has never been broken.  Tested, time and time again, though never broken.

Today I am reminded of this conversation because the decisions
I made from that point forward, were made for a reality that has
come to be – 14 years later.

The War of Our Lifetime Has Begun!
We are in a collective battle to ascend… something.

Here I sit in the midst of an epic cleansing period,
tucked within my biggest Creative Bubble – yet,
Where I share my intimate thoughts with a small group
whose love, integrity and passions I need not question.

Here I sit in a world where turmoil and disdain are on the brink of
unparalleled, yet avoidable, violence.

Here I sit in the Calm of a Storm that has encompassed the earth
almost non-detected.  Magnetic, electromagnetic, sonic, solar and
other energetic waves are effecting us all – some are weapons.
My Dreams have become confirmations.

The World is at war and the inhabitants of the outer layers of
Earth are dis-eased… and I know that it is by design.

Fuel Your Passion With Love!

If you are unable to see the beautiful opportunities abundant within this storm,
they will not “magically” present themselves to you.

You have control over the billions of possibilities taking place every second,
moreso than was ever taught. I have made a plethora of decisions, in many
parallel realities, of which i joyfully welcome all subsequent experiences.

I found my soul and lost my mind

It is no coincidence that people share similar visions and experiences when
they encounter various “ceremonial” medicines. Could it be because they are
all removed from the same set of constructs that keep us in this reality?
(Peyote, Mushrooms, Mescal, Genista, DMT, Bufo, Ayahuasca, etc…)

!!!If you have not conquered your demons,
accepted and confronted your traumas,
if you have not dove so deep into yourself
that you experienced an unspeakable sense
of nothingness and emptiness…
The current world shift in energy will likely force
you into a space you will not find pleasant.

Rage is a necessary response to many adverse
new realities that have come to be and many more
yet to be experienced – if you allow this to become.

We cannot seek evolution with the same
acts thinking that something will change.
We must evolve!

Consideration and Compassion,
beyond comprehension,
are needed and welcomed.

The change that must occur…
Starts with you.

Previously Unthinkable Acts of Love and Compassion
will ease our collective journey into this new energetic
world that is boldly presenting itself.

Food For Thoughts, Thoughts For Consideration



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