“I Don’t Like” Remix

Lyrics to “I Don’t Like” from the ‘Can Goods’ album

All this brainwashing music I don’t like
Dumbing down the music just to get the crowd hype
Paying to get played on the airwaves, I don’t like
Posting trash music on facebook and I won’t like
Won’t sign a label deal that I don’t like
$7 Mil offered for 3 albums and I didn’t bite
Didn’t think they’ll put out ish that I really like
My good music being shelved, yeah right
Ain’t a word that I said that I didn’t ‘right’
Not a beat made by Blue yet that I didn’t like
I’ll keep doing me, damn if you don’t like
You don’t like, trust me I’ll be alright

Digging up my past, you’ll find dirt that you don’t like
Brush that dirt of your shoulders homey you’ll be alright
Cut your chains from the money then can see the light
Maybe then you and I can see eye to eye
Maybe then you’ll understand why I told the lie
Cuz when I told the truth, that’s the ish you don’t like
Politicians use lies to dim your lights
Like Dr. Suess, I use fictions to open eyes
Turn off the news, its distracting you from the fight
They’ve convinced you that 3 lefts don’t make a right
If everyone is doing wrong, that don’t make it right
Prosecute me for my views, trust I’ll be alright
Neverland Collective, that’s what Blue and Christiano like
“Inbetween the Lines” is the album that’s gonna bring the life

There are musicians that I enjoy, many that I do not and a limited few that I am open to work with. In the midst of regaining my musical footing, it was a conversation with Danny McCullen that aided in materializing my sentiment on this subject.

Danny is a painter who is constantly practicing on numerous walls and canvases around the world. He left his ‘home’ to paint the world when his friends and associates, some who were admittedly better painters than he, stayed home only to complain about the monotony of their existence and the difficulty is living their desired life doing what they wanted. We often spoke about our shared reality and in a conversation yesterday the same key struck a different note as I prepare to leave again.

I too have left, often, at the opposition of others. In the midst of presumed turmoil. Whether atop and “winning” or at the bottom rebuilding… It’s not to run or avoid, it’s only to grow and experience. Since November of 2011, I have encountered many, many musicians. Many of them sought collaborations of which I purposely declined… at the time. My reasons being due in part to our different takes on music. I have a current affair with music that not many can interrupt (none to date) and that only a few are welcomed to join. There are less than a handful of artists that I have worked with after their inquiries and even fewer I would ask to work with (cough Jessica Chick cough).

Now, I shed another skin to re-elope with my love. I leave once more with a select few aspiring fame-whores a bit unhappy with my lack of desire to compose a collaboration. It’s like playing basketball, when I stop playing I start coaching so that I may play against better competition… and then I play again. Right now, I do not value these artists above my time to delve into other things. I guess I’m “hating” again. I’m ‘hating on you’ enough to sit with you and work on your craft. Hating enough to listen and provide the honest critique that I do not like your music. Strong enough to take any criticism you share on my work.. and open enough to keep the door of opportunity cracked for a future collective offering.

Keep practicing.

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