How Do I Know?

Today, I danced for 4 hours to the 18 tracks on the “Can Goods” album because of the picture it painted for me. I always attempt to view all of my artistic musings objectively. As if it were not mine; as if I had no personal attachment. I’m saying that I try… cannot say that I have ever failed or succeeded in my effort.
I do know that I danced. Oh, I dance.

I have danced a lot lately since reigniting my gregarious appetite for music. My ‘Passion To Vibe’ to good music is being assisted with the growing base of support for the music and the message.
Oh, I dance.

Today, I couldn’t finish singing Soul Beautiful to myself. I only hope that a bit of the sentiment, passion or part of me and my experiences with some Incomparably Amazing people is felt. This is the first time I haven’t been able to finish it… since the 1st week that it was written.
Yeah, I dance.

That’s how that I know that I am almost done brushing the dust off of my music tools. It’s been a while. Listening to people only call it Rap or Poetry for lack of a better term is becoming a regular. Though a “shrug, smile and gesture for more music” is rapidly catching up.

Can Goods was an offering of music from the past years to say “hello, Christiano does music and is now working on an album.” Inbetween The Lines.
Oh, I dance.

I’m dancing now.

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