Hi, Bri!

While watching a video of Mr. Reed sing with us in Stockholm with Labros at H.O.M.E., I remembered that I have recently located documents and writings that go back to 1998.

In this trove of gifts, I was reintroduced to a series of writings from 2012 handed to me from someone inspired by a week with me and my friends on the beach in Puerto Viejo.

When I resided at Maritza, I recall many creative collaborations taking place. The week these were written, Alec, Sita, Andy, Danny, Bri, and Luke practiced songs I had recently written. (“Perfectly Me“, “Try Mo Harder“)

Before returning to her busy week of work, Bri shared some things she had written based on inspiration sparked by time with us.

I haven’t forgotten about this moment.

We all want to be inspired… and right now, I’m inspired by the recollection of this shared sentiment.

Note to self: “Inspiration vs Influence”

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