15 August 2018

Here’s The Thing…

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Here’s the thing;

It was fun back in the day
to keep mystery and tension
in my romantic relationships.
It was part of the dance.
I’m not there anymore.

I’m much to happy dancing solo
and putting the time and energy
into my daily joy and path.

I want to meet, fall in love,
have a lasting relationship
but it’s gotta be easy.

No games. No drama.

I understand relationships
take effort and investment
but I also know that’s possible
without the push and pull or
aloof style to draw the other near.
I’m also not interested in fixing
or changing anyone nor
unhealthy dependence. I’m good…

Show up as you are,
not who you want to be
or who you want me to see….
I’ve been around the block
a few hundred times and
I’m not interested in going in circles.

I’m sincerely flattered by the attention
but its not enough.

I’m ready for a woman
that I respect, admire,
makes me laugh,
and sex is consistently improving.

Sounds like a short list
but end of the day gaining
and keeping my respect
and admiration isn’t for
the faint of heart.

I laugh and love sex so that’s not so tuff.

Who knows, maybe someday our paths
will cross if they are meant.
If you feel the need to communicate something
by all means… Let it flow.

Otherwise, best wishes.”

– Sweet Pee

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