Here’s a Rant!

Fuck it! Here’s a rant! This is for every self centered, egotistical , self induldgent academically trained, tree hugging, economist, ballot box riding , armchair revolutionary , world changing artist in all of us: the only polls that were ever meant for us are the gallows…I’m so fucking sick of self righteous bums, the well off, the class, political, socio- economic, scene, label, divisions…

if you wanna’ change the world, then just go fucking do it! Don’t wait for “approval”, “validation” , “permission”, “recognition” or acceptance! Do what you believe is right! Not by you , but by all! Everyone knows things aren’t right, but continued obedience is just bitch fest fuel!

Everyone knows a fence somewhere that’s meant to keep us outta a part of our own environment! Go teach your children to make some art on it, or plant climbing veggies on that fence and let the homeless feed themselves! Every u.s. post office has a chain link fence around it funded by taxes…and foodstamps are only available to those who cant afford “organic” produce…it ain’t hard to do the math…garden yer asses off! Mentally and physically…

if they want to make the world a prison, then ill paint the walls of my cell in in the hues of a free and just society…the ego driven melodramatic douchebag dichotomies can keep their side of the fence…whew…vent fest ’97 out!

– John Miller

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