Growing Up with Flying Bananas

Today was the day we would record…

My morning started at 3am
With Labros and I working
to finalize the mix of Growing Up!

And by 8am,
We did it!
“My damn, My damn, We did it!”

And now it was time to focus on
Today’s choir rehearsal…
Or something like that.

Today was the day set aside to record
A video with the Flying Bananas
At Blue Morpho.

The bananas were in rare form.
The ladies came with “lenseless glasses”
Which is a Classic Can accessory!

The gentlemen came with their wits.
And collectively we had a blast…
Laughing, Singing and being.

And we did it.
We recorded … something.
One part is the introduction to
Growing Up!

Big Thanks to Martin
For allowing me to use his camera
On less than a full day’s notice.

Song & Video:

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