05 June 2019

Video : Growing Up (2.0)

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“You see as I listen to conversations, i think that the meaning of “GROWING UP” and “GROWING OLD” gets confused. I made a promise to myself to never grow up. But one thing that I know is inevitable is growing old”

Growing up is a cycle that never stops
The knowledge you’ve gained
One day you must impart
On the mind or the soul
Or the heart of another
Sifting through memories
Some days are harder than others

Please pardon me for the
Problems I delivered
In pursuit of my peace
I’ve warred with my inner
And in the path of it all
There are friends that I’ve hindered
I never monetized love
Though money often enters
Conversations & Relations
Situations leave me bracing
Should I pay in cents or sense
These thoughts they keep me pacing
Reluctantly I’ve taken
Gifts and / or donations
Voices meet invoices
That question if I’ll pay them
Gigs still want to pay me
I wonder if I’ll take’em
DaWitch is the reason
We can hold #MCKM
Free albums given to zombies
I wonder if they played’em
Whats the price one should pay when
Saying our music saved’em?

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