Getting Over You

The consequences of my actions and decisions
Led to bridges broken; bruised but not burned.
And reflections of my lessons learned are projected
In my scars and musical truths
shared with you who would listen, learn
And in return, help another not get shunned
By a society built to run on the pain of others.
Though I’ve changed, to my mother, Lia, Journey and Duke
Know that I love you and I hope this one
reaches out and hugs you all.
This is not forgiveness being sought.
Every wrong I ever brought upon a loved one
was non-intentional. No act was ever meant to
Be malicious though I know you got suspicious
By my lack of interest in sharing my interests
You put up walls thinking I had secrets
Questions asked met answers that you could not sleep with.
My moves in silence were considered creeping
And all the while I was working on being a better being
I couldn’t share the vision prior
to knowing what I was seeing.
Less Money, More love and growth from within
That I can now share with my family and friends
Not a decision made that I wouldn’t make again.

I’ve got the passion to pass them
But instead I extend a hand to grab them
Harriet Tubman said she would have saved
more slaves from their chains
If they even knew they had them
I heard that I’m stubborn; and an ass.
Because their opinions don’t change my actions!?
You know what else I heard? That I was acting.
Ok, let’s read the script and then see what happens.
I was so young. A hard-headed man.
Too bright to let my light get dimmed.
Paved a path to freedom that often got condemned.
You don’t like it? Fine. Pay me no mind then.
What’s the time limit on my change?
My minds changed. I cut my chains.
People from my past say “C” you’re not the same.
You used to be my sunshine, now you’re my rain.
Go grab your umbrella. And sit by the pane.
Wouldn’t it be insane… if I was still the same?
The only constant is that I will change.
And Guess what’s about to happen?
I’m about to change….
And Change Again… and change again…
I see the distractions… it’s all good fam,
You got to understand… My mind is set
No matter what…I’ll forge ahead!

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