This is the 1st of many MULTI-artpieces set to be shared by Christiano Can & Friends.

Can you tell who is a FRIEND, FAN, or GROUPIE???

[gdlr_accordion style=”style-1″ initial=”0″] [gdlr_tab title=”LYRICS PART 1″] [ FIDDY MOE ] Look dude
Truth is you’re clever
Beats wicked! but better
Is that you can improve
Voice smooth
And the content you’re sharing
Is a truth most aren’t daring
to put in a groove
I like the rock and your jazz a lot
And your hip hop is kind of hot
Blue on the bass
Tore up the place
Ya’ll got a niche
That can’t be replaced

[ MARIAH KARDASHIAN ] Oh my goodness
Your confidence is pushing
My buttons, My bottom’s gushing
You make my legs feel like pudding
There is not much that I wouldn’t
With you consider doing
After the show what are you doing?
I got those slow-mo yoko movements

I’m feeling the flow
Hadn’t heard ya’ll before
But I’m locked in now
You got so many styles
And your live show “wow”
And when you rocked Yoko
I saw panties fall down.
With Blue on the bass
And you setting the pace
When you jumped off stage
The whole crowd went wild
I don’t want to end the night bro
I’m too drunk to drive so
You got room in the limo
For one more to roll
To the after show? Yo?![/gdlr_tab] [gdlr_tab title=”LYRICS PART 2″] [ PUFFY BIEBER ] Glad you could make it
Please, Follow Me,
Your table is stocked
With bottle and models and
If you need anything
Press this button or holler
Your request is never a problem
Enjoy your evening
Quick question If it’s not a bother
Would you mind signing An autograph
My name is on my tag and
If you can do it fast I’d be glad
Because my boss would be mad
If he found out what I just asked.

[ NIKKI FOX & CLEOFUS JAMES] There they are! I can’t believe it
Do you know what could
happen this evening
If I just happen to be close
When one them is leaving
I can smear my lipstick,
And have the paparazzi believing…
Oh my career could change real fast
With just one flash
How do I look ?
Damn good
Make up and hair
Damn good
Now go work that ass for’em
Show’em something they can’t pass on

[ SMOKEY & RED KNIGHT ] I don’t think we’ve seen two dude
Vibe this dope
Since Meth and Red, man!
And all they do is share love and spit truths?
They didn’t have to stab
Anyone in the back to get ahead?!
Fam, mad love! keep doing it then.
We got your music on repeat
Please don’t regress or retreat
We’ve seen the beast of this industry
Discourage and defeat many men
Call us when you need us
We’re Troops-For-Truth
And Fans![/gdlr_tab] [/gdlr_accordion]

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