Freedom For Shaima

Below I share Videos, Audio & Files documenting my case, the violations and the responses of MigrationSverket.

PART 1: This is the beginning of my story and your introduction to my FLIGHT FOR FREEDOM – and for the freedom of many immigrants around the world who do not know their rights.

I escaped 27 years of Mental, Physical and Sexual Abuse. I applied for asylum in Sweden with MigrationSverket because I was scared, exhausted and out of funds needed to complete my FLIGHT FOR FREEDOM. MigrationSverket has my case, and Life in a “Catch-22” and I will never be a Slave ever again.  This is my FIGHT FOR WE!

00 An Introduction From Shaima ( Video Text ) (747 downloads)

01 Shaima Official MigrationSverket Withdrawal (1055 downloads)


You may contact them by calling 0771-235 235 (+46 771 235 235 from abroad) or by sending an email to

DirectorMikael Ribbenvik <>
Deputy DirectorInga Thoresson Hallgren <>
01 – Hanna Hansdotter <>
02 – Azerina Ryttberg <>
03 – Per Stafring <>
04 – Joel Karlsson <>
05 – Kim Rådahl <>
06 – Adam Mirsch <>
07 – Gulizar Bahram <>
08 – Nora Guzel <>

MigrationSverket NEVER UPDATED MY CASE because they forgot about me for 3 years! They cannot send me BACK, They Can send me FORWARD!

PART 3: i NEVER wanted to share this video! I am still healing, Please allow me to continue without more trauma!

PART 4 (UPDATE): i was PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED by a male at the MigrationSverket Camp. This is how MigrationSverket handled my abuse and incident report.


03 - MigrationSverket Incorrect Physical Abuse Report (179 downloads)

04 - Response/ Correction to MigrationSverket Incident Report (143 downloads)


PART 5 (AUDIO): MigrationSverket Legal Representative states that my case is UNIQUE & acknowledges the CATCH-22 – several times!

05 - DOCUMENT of GOOD STANDING (Non-Contested) (145 downloads)

06 - MigrationSverket CATCH-22 Documented (116 downloads)

Additional Reference Documents
  • Sweden Alien’s Act
  • Geneva Convention 1951
  • Geneva Convention 1954

2 documents provided from a Human Rights Lawyer confirming that my request for an Emergency Alien’s Passport is within the power and mandate of MigrationSverket:

Om Shaima befinner sig i Sverige och här ansökt om asyl, under vilken tid hennes ursprungliga pass har hunnit löpa ut bör – enligt min bedömning – kunna anses medföra anknytning till Sverige. Fråga uppkommer därefter om det kan göras gällande några sådana övergripande rättsliga regler eller principer vid en prövning enligt jml. 2 kap. 1 a § första stycket UtL. Bestämmelsen (rekvisitet) om omedelbart behov skulle kunna utgöra en sådan omständighet att Migrationsverkets beslut bör kunna överklagas.

07 - Prop. 2013/14:217 Sverige (502 downloads)

08 - Urgent: Kortfattad sammanfattning av rättsläget (520 downloads)

Thank you to all of the friends and supporters for continuing to help spread awareness of my case.

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