Fake News, Take Two’s

Fake News
Growing Disbelief
Conflicting reports
Redacting Facts and
Highly Questionable “Take Two’s”

It’s not that we hate rules
It’s the fact that hate rules
Did you ever think a lockdown
Would go past April?

Businesses are broke,
Designers masks became cool
Don’t let the children lose hope
Remember Our Strongest Friends
May break, too!

I don’t understand
all of you media faithfuls
Blinding believing,
Easy seen, misleading
Headline and Pictures
That MS Media paints you
Tainted viewers scream
Tainted viewpoints
From views of
Tainted News

We’ve dug thru the pies
We’ve uncovered the crimes
Look at their eyes
As they broadcast these lies!

It’s not that we hate rules
It’s the fact that hate rules
The uprising has arrived and
this time I promised myself that
I’m not dragging Slaves to truth.

MCKM is my breakthrough
OKAY Here’s a soft kiss to wake you

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