Dumb Crazy

“I’ve been called Crazy, Dumb, Stupid and Young … amongst many other things. And in context, the majority of times, I’m called these things based on how the results of my actions effected people.
(sniffle) I’ve been there too. Pretty sure I’ll be there again.

It feels like I’m perceived to be in a certain light by some individuals whereas I should have had the foresight or intellect to know (fill in the blank). To know what would/wouldn’t have happened. I should have known better. Well, now I do… so yeah, I’m still crazy enough keep messing up. I’m stupid enough to keep trying. I’m young enough to keep going … and I’ll stay dumb enough to not stay in the same place. I’m on one!”

You’re popping bottles
I’m popping pipas
You’re gangsta huh?
You’re popping people

I’m packing mota
Inside my pipa
My only motive
Is to free the people

I’ve cut money
And I’ve burned
People thought I was off my ship
Oh! You dumb money!

Been called a thief
I’m called a prick
I got so dumb
Even my girl, she called the pigs

Called a nigga,
Crowned a king
Everything I do is dirty
If you compare the rest to me

I’m dumb crazy
Dumb lazy
Dumb paid
Was dumb enough to make me

I’m shifting daily
On shouldn’ts and maybes
I may be getting dumber
Let’s see where that takes me

Maybe to another island
Maybe to another stage
Another maybe is getting checked
Off my list today.

I’m Young Dumb
Stupid, Crazy
Roll one, Smoke One
I’m on one, maybe

I was dumb enough to see the chains
Crazy enough to break free
Dumb enough to take the reigns
Crazy enough to make me

Crazy enough to get going
Dumb enough to stay ahead
Crazy enough to keep growing
Dumb enough not to be them

Crazy enough to be sane
My words are repeating
The first time I shared them
I heard “you lost your head man”

Now I lost my phone and
Created my zone then
Changed my name and home and
Left some peeps alone then

Started to resurface
This music started working
I didn’t change a word and
The critics started bobbing

The fans started sending
These grinch’s hearts are growing
It seems like they are caring
I’m dumb enough to keep sharing

Crazy with my writings
Dumb enough to keep trying
If money ever hurt us
Know our bond was never binding

I‘m crazy enough to love hard
Hard enough not to break
Broke enough to fix more
I’m more than just dumb and Crazy

Crazy, Dumb
Stupid, Young
Roll One, Smoke One
I’m on one, maybe

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