08 April 2018

Dualities of Awareness

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They exist.
I have them
Have had them
and will have them.

Are they all the same? no.
Do they last forever? no.
Are they fun to digest and overcome? Yes.

What’s the difference between a new ending
And a new beginning?
Not much.

A question of perspective.
A moment of reflection.
An instance of being.

Do I seek and enjoy in others what I myself do not have?
I wouldn’t be surprised.
It seems to be natural when in search of diversity and fullness.
Is it wrong to seek a community of completeness;
Via a spectrum of personalities, talents and emotions
For the sake of limitless permutations and possibilities?

(Ref Lyrics: “Life’s Edge”, 2nd Verse)

Does “it” even matter? (shrugs)

What matters to me and what matters to someone else needn’t be aligned to accomplish the same goal. I’ve “allowed” people in purposeful opposition of my being close enough to stab me for the sake of a bigger and shared vision. I’ll take a few hits, hurts and bruises for love, growth and completion.

Death is both an ending and a beginning.
Life is both an ending and a beginning.

I am really enjoying the dualities of awareness…
Once more.