04 January 2017

[Audio] Do or Die, A Truant Try

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Why am I
Screaming suicide?
To put aside
The fool inside
Me, you and I.
“Do or die.”
A truant try, in
Trying times;
Crying eyes
Mirror my
Wandering mind.
Why am I
Even here?
To hear cries
And quell fears
With tall tales
Of many lives.
When am I
Ever loved?
Unequally judged;
I disrupt the corrupt
Only to be left
By those I lift up.
Why do I
Give a damn?
I keep distancing
Myself from friends
Family and
Extended hands
After successful
Why am I
so challenging?
Is it a lack of balance
When I’m not challenged.
Right now my challenge is,
To stay alive,
Every day I
contemplate Suicide
To renew a life.
Who is this guy
I now look in the eyes?
Is it me, you or I?