Is “CUTIES” A Covert Pedophile Code? (Video)

You will not be penalized for what you do not know… unless your ignorance was purposeful.
We are in the Information Age where the openness to new revelations is either met with
Consideration or Contention – in most cases.

Recently, I shared a review about a film titled “CUTIES”
[ Watch Here: Cancel Netflix? ]

From the onset of the film, from the review, from the US advertisements….
everything about CUTIES came across as soft porn … featuring prepubescent girls.

Well, fast forward a few weeks, and with a bit more research we find that there are no
coincidences.  In a time where the whispers of Pedophilia have become mumbles…
the term and reference to “CUTIES” could mean much more than initially surmised.

Enjoy this video and … let me know what you think! ( Support )

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