20 April 2018


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I wrote you letters
And you ain’t even know i ’cause
I put a different name on it
I was the ugly duckling in the class
And I ain’t wanna put no shame on ya
Now I’m looking back at the days
Things change quick thru the years
I’m at lake skipping stones to impress
While youre over there quietly trying to fish
I’m was an asshole… Fast forward
One day alone, I met you walking home in the rain
Every now and I then Im likely to go wild out
And You helped me hone in the reigns
I didn’t like fighting, I was good at it
I didn’t like writing, its was my good habit
I didn’t like your dad, that was good acting and
I always liked your ass look where that got us
(Mufasa) gazing up at the stars
Wondering who’s looking back at us
You were Rudy and I was Bud
(Oh gawd) They killed Kenny?
South Park’s laughing at us
I’m was the only boy playing dress up
Because my cuz plotted to pull your dress up
I tripped his steps like I was a bad dancer
Walking you home was always my pleasure
When mapping out my days, you were my treasure.