Comuna 13

Medellin is a dense south american city popularized by it’s most famous resident, Pablo Escobar.

Of all the places effected by Escobars reign, Comuna 13 would be the rose that grew from concrete.  Literally.

As recent as 2002, Comuna 13 was the most dangerous place in the world.  And in 2017 it was named the most innovative city in the world.

On any given day there are several free tours offered from the residents of Comuna 13.

While you could easily walk and see the art and updates to the area, the intimate introduction and personal accounts of life during the 80’s and early 90’s adds a dimension that no picture could offer.

A reoccurring image is that of Elephants.  Elephants are known for their great memories and in Comuna 13 they represent the memory of those who lived and died during the Escobar era.

“We will not forget; They will not be forgotten.” is my awareness of Comuna 13.

It’s not suggested that you ask about Escobar with excitement.  Let the history come to you.  There is still much pain associated with his name and the glorification from movies and TV shows in recent years are not favorable in the eyes of those who stepped over dead bodies whilst walking to a from school every day.

“The scars are still fresh, blood stains remain”

Oh, and HIP HOP lives in Comuna 13.
There are art classes given on how to tag and spray paint.
There are b-boys, breakers & lockers having sessions throughout the day.
There are beats bumping, rappers, singers & freestylers fist pumping.
It was quite refreshing to join in on a session and experience how borderless music, specifically Hip Hop, has become.

Long Live Comuna 13!!!!

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