Coke Dope Crack Smack

You got that coke huh
That’s a joke boy
Unless you talking Cola
Far from being dope boy
You remind of that dope from
the 7 dwarfs my shadow dwarfs
your sun you think is shining boy
I may be dumb and kinda crazy
Made fun of because my statements
half unheard half amazing
I spit that crack/crack that is blazing
Laced with truth that’ll leave you dazed in
a state of constant contemplation
smacked by what you knew was taking
place, and then i left you shaking
one conversation with me smacked
you back and focused your frustrations.

I’ve seen some things that pissed me off
This steam is just a piece of me getting off
And sharing things we missed
It’s in plane sight! though we’re playing blind.
Those TV’s need to get cut off
Programming daily, shows laced with the same,
thing that has the population fearing change
Truth needed like clean air, i’m the freshness
needed in here; like it or not, i’m clearing the air

Now take this track and replay it back
if you think that what I’m sayings crack
Get addicted to it get lifted with me
i passing keys out to the fiends.
I’m color blind, no limits line
my mind, oh my mind’s made up now
we all-stars, no need to shine
smack some sense back in you mind
One more hit will have you saying i’m
Often on your mind, pop one in the deck
Ingest the words. get that fly feeling
I’m so dope I knew you’d feel me.
I’m so dope I knew you’d need me.
Cut the vains of your greed
High! Now you feel me!

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