Christiano Can & Friends – Live @ HardRock Cafe

#TheCanJam was a life-lifting moment. 
It started in 2014 and
has continued to enter 
and exit my life with bountiful blessings.

This audio is from my 3rd live show @ Hard Rock Cafe – #Stockholm.
It was the beginning of something that became bigger than words.

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TheCanJam started with an idea that I Can open the door of my #opportunity
for others. 
I Can share the stages offered to me with others whereas we all
dance, sing and hug as one.

We Can #celebrate and #overcome as a family rooted in a common belief of
love wins.

And it worked!

We tuned our instruments to #A432hz and woke a dormant #consciousness.
We hugged and “la-la-laaaa’d” and danced and hugged some more with
hundreds of unassuming visitors.

Strangers became #friends.
Families grew closer to each other.
And previous enemies hugged out their animosities.

People came to our showcases sick, tired and at times disgruntled knowing
that they would leave energized, smiling and with a spark.

#Creatives were introduced to the purposeful tuning of our instruments. Over
the past 6 years, I have seen so many musicians play and record new
compositions at 432hz after TheCanJam experience.

We completed our 1st year of magic with a “#musical”… called: 
“That Musical-Thingy”.
(I will share the link to it if you message me.)

#Joy and pain are one in the same. Knowing and living this truth with
the #CanJamFam has allowed me to smile thru more than I may ever share.

All photos are from Petra Rolinec. 
As the founder and lead creative at,
She documented the 1st year of a movement that changed the lives of so many.

Thank you to everyone that has been a part of this musical movement.
The gift continues to grow and i have more to share than ever before!

We’re taking the hugs to stadiums!
20,000+ people hugging.
Can you see it?
I Can.

So much good stuff brewing!
Stay in touch!

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