I did not create my facebook account.
I had no intention to use facebook.
It was created by fans of my music, stories
and happy clientele of my restaurant.

When I first joined, it was after a conversation
with Cameron who would jokingly say,
Eventually you’ll be on there.
I would always so, “Only To Play The Game.”

Well, the game is rigged!
And because of that I believe it’s past time
for the users of FB to #CheckFacebook

The following is proposed:
(1) Searching the internet and
(2) Pasting the results of an article that confirms your bias
(3) Does not invalidate another individual bias.
(4) The information age and it’s over abundance of “noise”
(5) coupled w/ social habits that shortened attention spans,
(6) and lifestyles inundated with rapid fire messages
(7) have paralyzed ‘critical thinking’ and ‘analysis skills.’
(8) Only in the 20th century was the term “working-to-death”
(9) Updated to the medical diagnosis of “Burn Out.”
(10) Humans are exhausted with information,
(11) Whereas it’s easier to find something to agree and share
(12) Than it is to discern and dig deeper.
(13) I am writing this way because
(14) Facebook has used several of my posts
(15) Made subtle changes that I did not see
(16) Until a few responses did not align with the group.
(17) Similar to the discussion of colors,
(18) I cannot see thru your eyes, meaning that
(19) I do not know what words you see on your wall
(20) I do not know if you are responding to altered versions
(21) It may be good practice to “CHECK FACEBOOK”
(22) and i propose it with the following.
•(23) When writing/ responding to a specific text
•(24) Copy the text above or below your response.
(25) Conversation & flow of information will be coherent
(26) Isolating any inconsistencies or oddities found.
(27) What would you do if you realized FB was
(28) changing the narrative,
(29) not by censoring/ block/ ban alone,
(30) but also via direct manipulation of the narrative.
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