1984 & 2020 – Censorship Starts With Influencers


You Can scream out “The Secret of A Magic Trick” as loud and as long as you like. The Magician will not respond until someone actually pays attention to the whistleblower.

The Magician will silence the opposition instead of stopping the show. I published an article titled “How Do Silent Weapons Work?” which further explains a concern i’ve had about the shifting powers of the current world technocracy.

Cancel Culture / Social Media didn’t just nuke Donald Trump today. Social Media’s Technocracy nuked the top 35% of his most influential users/followers/thought-leaders.

Why did they take the dramatic and unprecedented step of doing this so suddenly, to perfectly rule-abiding users?

…. Because of what you could do, when working together.



Explained: Banned From FB on Jan 8, 2021

This is psychological warfare at the most invasive state. There are ways to communicate and continue receiving information that may be beneficial tools for the approaching, and ongoing, war for your mind and human resources.

Please excercise Discernment & Awareness as we enter the Information War predicted before our Golden Age and Satya Yuga begins.

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