Can Opener (#01)

This morning I awoke to the question of:
“What do you think of the song ‘Black Jesus’ by Game?”
So I clicked play and got through the first 48 seconds before
I cut it off in search of the instrumental.
You can read inbetween the lines on what I thought of the song.
Then about 10 minutes later I recorded this as part of
something new I call the Can Opener series:

“Merci Beaucoup
For listening to my 2 cents
Excuse moi
If you find this be a nuisance
Estoy libre
To share the hard truth since
I found my light
Now I pay you with truth and sense.
How senseless is
The bombs being sent to kill
an enemy but hitting more innocent
Men, women and children
Please somebody tell me.
How just is this?
Who justifies
the command to fill the sky
with missiles that scream
before they take a life
Then the streets are filled with screams
And lives are ripped right
from their seams
The shot callers put their press teams
on TV screens to subtly explain things
Perfect hair, make-up
and their pearly whites gleam
Meanwhile a young child is wiping
Tears of blood that just might be
The blood from parts of mom and daddy
Now try to explain to this being
That this was being done in the name of peace…
after they just saw their whole family blown to pieces.
Please. It seems that the ones that approve the launch rarely ever die
It seems that they live on to give war another try.
They live long enough to see another generation cry
I’m trying to see the light and logic align
The day that soldiers step out defiant
refusing to slaughter
Even if their life is on the line
Fighting bad energy
is different from shooting an entity
that can live, love and breathe like me
This is the love I breathe
I’m far from Perfect
though I’m perfectly me
I’m not fighting to squeeze a piece of peace out of life
I’m blazing a path that is lit with a light
That only the bomb of love could ignite
Neither side of war is right
And If you think the peace is the prize at the end of a fight
Then the whole world should be at peace tonight.
Palestine and Israel could see that peace is real. Tonight.
Syria, Mali and Burma could sleep in peace. Good nights.
This is more than music
This is a piece of my
Peace of mind
My thoughts
that just happen to rhyme
Thank you
For listening to my 2 cents
Excuse me
If you found this be a nuisance
I am free
To share the hard truth since
I found my light
Now I pay you with truth and sense.

There would be no more wars
If we proceeded with truth and sense.”

Can Opener is a series of songs, poems, stories, art, etc… shared by Christiano Can. These pieces are not attached to any past or future projects and stand alone as random rants of expression more than anything. They’re unmixed, likely one-takes that serve the purpose of personal notes to self.

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