I’m still crazy enough keep messing up. I’m stupid enough to keep trying. I’m young enough to keep going … Read more
I think I just dropped another memory. Hold up wait, do you remember me? Do you remember we. Do you Read more
it is evident that the smartest are consumed in wonder and innovation while the popular tend to politics, profits and Read more
Banks do not give currency power. Governments do not give currency power. The only reason any currency has value is Read more
Yesterday, Alex asked if I would be interested in practicing Try Mo Harder with Joseph. TMH was written shortly after Read more
I had a towel and was cleaning her wounds/ wiping the blood away from her eyes as we zoomed to Read more
From Bri To You // 24 hours in the day is just not enough Read more
From Bri To You // Letters From Bri For Bri // You gotta love the life we live in... Read more
From Bri To You // You gotta love the life we live in... Read more
Thriving and Dying Read more
Through panic and strategic expansion/contraction of currency, Private Bankers have bullied laws though congress granting additional control to a private Read more
PUZZLE CRACKED: Everything was a lie. Purposeful deception and omission of truth for sake of captivation of resources to influence Read more
A number of adverse health effects have been documented at levels below the FCC guidelines, which include altered white blood Read more
When we first start facing truth, the process may be frightening, and many people run back to their old lives. Read more
"I close my eyes to live; I open my eyes to dream." - Christiano Can Read more
  Makayli freaked out from being in the spotlight. She's not used to it, not ready for it and doesn't Read more


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