Only what can be quantitatively measured, categorized and labeled is considered scientific; not recognizing that what cannot be measured is
#Election2020 - The Movie. The plot thickens... and its good to get different angles on the current story-lines in motion!
On Nov 5, Christiano Can & Friends put together an ambitious presentation. Politicians, Police, Capitalism, Passion, Love and Purpose are
Washington DC, the USA and the World should be put on notice. The Violence to come has been planned far
You will not be penalized for what you do not know... unless your ignorance was purposeful. We are in the
There is an obvious war on information around the world. And it would be imprudent to disregard all possibilities, If
More evidence is gushing out of Hunter Biden’s “laptop from the hell’, the names of many well-known public figures have
Don't Ask People To Like You, LIVE YOUR TRUTH! Press Repeat is another epic feat of "Modern Music Made in
When someone stands in their truth they shine a light so bright that it is unbearable to those not standing
This track oozes that simplicity of 90s era clean, heavy, synth beats with non-complex, paced delivery and fresh lyricism. //
IF there's one thing you should work to know better in times of uncertainty, it's you! Looking in the rear-view
am getting "better" at sharing clips like these... because, I know
Thank you! Most importantly for being you. However, also thank you for sharing with me and listening and reading and
This clip is the 1st peek into a new video series with Sean Morgan - in the works. This segment
Watch 60 Seconds of different video versions of the same song. What do you think? OKAY in 2016 was an
Here are short clips from the visuals for OKAY! It's a high-vibrational fine pop art propaganda music visualizer!