22 May 2020

05 – Born thru Europe

On this evening, Born inspired a choir of voices to sing along. The Open Mic Show was a funk-soul filled night of fun... and yet another confirmation that "Born" was the key.
19 May 2020

Population Management

Would "Population Management" be a more digestible term? This is a simple video that opens the argument of "What If exponential population growth is cause for our current discord?

I had to go thru things
To grow thru things
Now I Can show you things
My songs scroll thru scenes
I hope when seen
Thru eyes of Beings
Breaking apart from chains
Bumping Art of Change
That my beacon beams

06 May 2020

Fake News, Take Two’s

Thought of the day: "It's not that we hate rules ... It's the fact that hate rules and promised myself, this time that I'm not pulling Slave thru!" #FakeNewsTakeTwos
05 May 2020

02 – Born Declaration

Before "Born" my life was normal. From the outside looking in, my Family, Health and Businesses were well and thriving. Without warning, I gave everything away and disappeared.
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