Alive Inside

12 November 2014

Alive Inside


I am ALIVE INSIDE: “Music is inseparable from emotion.”

I was introduced to a film titled “Alive Inside” by someone familiar with my music. Something I’ve shared with those willing to listen is that music is the bookmark of my life’s timeline. My memories are vividly aligned with sound thus enabling me to recall moments within moments if I can get to a sound that was active in the environment or in my head at the time.

I recall meeting my lil brother, SECURITY, in spring of 2013. He was currently working with the most dangerous student in the country. The student was battling a psychological issue that made him dangerous to himself and anyone around him. He was likely to bite, punch, kick, cut and choke anyone at any given moment. SECURITY had no diploma, no special training, no previous history in working with such cases. He was a young man employed to monitor the physical activities of this individual.

One of the 1st things SECURITY noticed was the routine set up for the student. When he began to show irritation, they would lock him in a room and play music that no one wanted to hear. They were attempting to create a safe routine. One day SECURITY decided to listen to the music that they were playing and realized that he wouldn’t play this music for people he disliked. He then did something that could have led to the termination of his employment. He changed the music.

SECURITY changed the music to reggae!

From that point on everyone at the facility noticed a change in the student. He was less irritable, less violent. More playful and much softer. The change was solely associated with SECURITY being introduced. They knew not of the music being changed.

When it was discovered by the ‘higher-ups” that the music had been changed, they reprimanded SECURITY. Even though the results were undeniable to everyone who saw them daily, the people who visited monthly and created his routine demanded that his original routine be restored and continued.

Guess what happened… the violence and irritation started again.

Instead of sticking to the suggested routine, SECURITY found the visiting schedule and would switch the music to reggae until the monitors were set to appear. This worked until his last days at the facility.

HITLER understood #thePOWERofMUSIC

The easiest way to get rid of me is not to say that you don’t like the music I make. The easiest way to get rid of me is to say that you won’t listen because you’d rather speak to me. I answer so much through the songs, poems and psalms. If you listened and consumed, or even read the lyrics, we would likely start our next conversation from a mutually advanced point of inner-standing.

“Alive Inside” is a touching ode to the power of music.

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  1. D nice

    I also “grow at the pace of my epiphanies” and speak most clearly through my art. I also welcome cleansing catharsis. Nice post.

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