Acceptance & Tolerance

I have tested and observed in great detail the differences between acceptance and tolerance. What happens when acceptance or tolerance have reached their limit?

Simple Answer. One word. war. W.A.R. – What A Reality

Generals, Knights, Kings, Presidents, Popes and many others with roles and titles both greater and lesser in stature have sought, fought and killed for money, legacy, wealth, power… To think or assume that these same actions and mindsets have dissipated over time is both naive and, incorrect and possibly a key indicator of insanity, or an unhealthy mind. The word ‘sanity’ originates from the Latin word sanus or “healthy.” Thus it is safe to conclude that insanity means unhealthy. I pray ye have mens sana in corpora sano. History repeats itself; The currency and trade wars have existed since the advent of money. While the formality and source of the conflicts may have changed over time, for as long as humanity has existed, wars have existed. The scale of War and scope of destruction have increased -exponentially.

History foretells that it is now time for harm and discomforts both great and far-reaching to be experienced by a multitude of men and women. The acts of War reap profit and (increased) power to an elite few while many more suffer directly and indirectly … indefinitely (and in most cases unknowingly the contributing factor to their invisible box of limitation). Wars of fire have boundaries. Why recognize imaginary lines and borders of men and women? In my observation of history, in my reality, it is evident that the smartest are consumed in wonder and innovation while the popular tend to politics, profits and power distribution. 

Politics. Profits. Power Distribution:

If a tree root grows on property side-A and the fruit of that tree lands on property side-B, who has claim to the fruit? Is the tree not watered by the rain from oceans and waters unknown? Is the tree not rooted in soil blown from distances far and wide? Has not the earth from which the tree grows existed longer than any man could claim right or deed? Again, I ask, If a tree root grows on property side-A and the fruit of that tree falls to rest on property side-B, who has claim, right, deed or privilege to the fallen fruit? No matter the (perceived) country, state, land, town, city, village or distance is – we are all connected.

History’s greatest value is weighted in perspective.

History, with the more and more extensive meaning acquired by the advancement of civilization, by the diffusion of education, and by the elevation of the standard of human liberty, has expanded into a grand and beautiful science. It treats of man in all his social relations, whether civil, religious, or literary, in which he has intercourse with his fellows. The study of history, to a free government like the one in which we live, is an indispensable requisite to the improvement and elevation of the human race. It leads us back through the ages that have succeeded each other in time past; it exhibits the conditions of the human race at each respective period, and by following down its pages from the vast empires and mighty cities now engulfed in oblivion but which the faithful historian presents in a living light before us, we are enabled profitably to compare and form a more correct appreciation of our own relative position.

It is certain that the more enlightened and free a people become the more the government devolves upon themselves; and hence the necessity of a careful study of history, which, by showing the height to which man as an intellectual being is capable of elevating himself in the scale of usefulness and moral worth, teaches that the virtues of a good man are held in sacred emulation by his countrymen forages succeeding, long after the scythe of time has gathered the earthly remains of the actor to the silent grave. Such thoughts, or rather such reflections as these, inspire within the human bosom an ardent desire to attain that which is good and shun that which is evil, an honest and laudable ambition to become both great and good; or, as another has beautifully written: Great only as we are good. -Jay Gould, History of Delaware County (1855)

Existence naturally seeks peace, tranquility and the path of least resistance. War is an avoidable reality. War and corruption now spread like a virus to all countries, cities, towns, villages and communities on all of Earth.

On Earth, as within the body, all parts are connected. The virus need not consume all. It need only consume enough to tip the first domino. The root of the corruption is indifferent to race, sex, location, language, wealth, religion and belief systems. Like Smeagol to “the precious”, what reigns now is an energy of which ye are not the root, but most all are victim of its consumption. I would hope that the next war would include humanity awakening to a very simple reality. Nothing man created has ever been needed to facilitate and monitor our innate desires: shelter, water, food and companionship. All come without cost on Earth.

Strategically and in great error, Humanity has chosen to divide Nature’s complete, complex and already working system. Resources (including earth commodities and those of mans energy) have been raped and pillaged; mismanaged for the perceived benefit of few, though in reality fueling a massive burden shared by all. I do not foresee much time passing where men and women are continuing to “work” when their efforts (even combined) do not yield shelter, water, food and companionship.

What started (however long ago) as an experiment of curiosity, of which is innate to human existence, has errantly become a universal sense of pride or assumed right over all creatures and resources of the planet, with gain and profit as common parts of the equation. What is there to gain in a system of balance?

While now it is not too late to correct the actions of severe imbalance contributed by humanity, when the majority realise and act on the new found understanding of their reality…it may take more strenuous and extreme efforts to halt, or alter, what additional influences have added for many suns and moons. Rebellion is necessary in humanity.

War is not limited to fists or fires. A new reality of the mind is in route. I can hear in the distance and see from afar that many forces are awakening to a new world, in the midst of their current existence, as tolerance and acceptance levels are reaching their limits. If I ever say a prayer, my prayer will be that instead of a bomb of physical destruction … that an alternate spark will ignite in its place. In my observations, what many have attributed to death, I consider to be like a fallen tree. It is a time of calm. rest. peace.

Man will one day again realize that death is but a cherished and necessary cycle of a far greater system…if this never becomes reality, no matter the year of man’s calendar, these words of pending war will echo, with validation, over time; forever.

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