A Weekend With Amina

Jazz On My Tongue
was inspired after
A Weekend With Amina.

Freddie and I successfully aligned for a day of creation.
It was the 2nd time we had an uninterrupted session
at his home.

We talked and chilled for a while before we began
considering listening to music.  Family, movies, news
and other random things before music.

Once we did shift to music,
There was no turning back.
There was even enough time to play the vinyl
and share the Art book for #MCKM.


Freddie shared his excitement for upcoming projects
with Lynn and hopes for Wild Cookie.
He shared some recent vinyl acquisitions
from his friend’s last trip thru South Africa.
Undiscovered, unheard and unrealized hits!

Freddie made it be known that he prefers when I rap
And we agreed that we should work on a hip-hop project
Where I rap.  True to the essence of the art… RAP!
I was up for the challenge to stick to one thing because
Freddie’s production triggered a different type of expression
Within me.

Writing this, I realize that of the 1st 7 songs published
On digital platforms, 3 songs,
Oddly Awkward, I’m Only Crazy
And Jazz On My Tongue were produced by Freddie.
So yeah, I was definitely up to see what we could create!

Now, here I am, at his place.  Charlie was in a good space
this day.  The vibes were high!  Good times!!!!!

Freddie transitioned to a new track…
And immediately I started to RAP what came to mind.
He loved it… “YES! That’s what I want from you. Its better|
when you rap then when you do that other thing.”

I said, “If you give the track, I’m gonna kill it!”
And so he gave me the track.
And I had A Weekend With Amina 
Which motivated me to write.

A few months later, I have a late night urge to create
And freestyle to this track.
And I send a rough draft too Freddie.

The song that I initially shared with Freddie is not
What he heard me freestyle to get the song
Nor was it “Jazz On My Tongue”…
Needless to say,
Him no-likey!

when I share all that what was created from
A Weekend With Amina…
It’ll be a wonder-filled moment of awesomeness!!!!

Fast forward 18 months from our home session
and I share MOMENTOS with Freddie
that included “Jazz On My Tongue.”

This time there was an approval.

So yeah, I got the track by free styling something that will
Never be heard to this song.
I created 3 outstanding songs from 1 this instrumental.

The story of a Cook working in a Jazz Kitchen won!
Now Playing… “Jazz On My Tongue”

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