04 October 2019

A Depression Session

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Depression is a dis-ease that has permeated a would currently out of vibrational synchronicity.

I popped up at Salif’s house for our creative session with Lucia and Bros.  I wanted to see what would come of our time together.

After listening to a few things, we began to build upon a guitar riff that Labros previously drafted with me in mind.

After adding bass and guitar, I posed the question to Salif and Lucia as to what the subject of our song should be.

Surprisingly… “Depression” was the target.

And so we did it.
We had a crash creation session.
We produced the skeleton to a song in about 90 minutes.

With a knife of light / i take a slice of life / 
I keep what I like / Discard what ain’t right /
Hear, I write / To my peers in spite of / 
The fear-filled fight / they keep giving life /
you know what stress is? / A bridge to depression /
on a road to a lesson / that you must let in / 
Let out and let be / Or it becomes a wall you can’t beat /
With pain in sums / That leave your soul weak /
Your sanity churns / To vanity burns / 
Where the coin-flip turns / Either fight or run /
The battles begun /  It’s you vs you /
And guess who won?! / 
If you feel this verse, then know i feel your hurt /
The realest work comes when you realize worth / 
And i feel this work / witl build real worth /
Breathe in love and release what hurts/