A Conversation about Privilege

There’s a lot of synchronicity in play right NOW!

YOU: “C, you’ve been privileged your entire life?”
ME: “Privileged?  In what way have I been privileged?”

YOU: “Have you ever had a day where you felt as though no one believed in you?”
ME:  (pause)

YOU: “I’ve seen you accomplish the things we dreamed of and then so much more.””
ME:  “How does that equate to privileged?””

YOU:  “Christiano, you’ve run your life, your way, for as long as I can remember.  No one ever got in your way.  Only you got in your way.  How many people do you know that have never doubted they could accomplish something?”
ME:  (shrugs)  “Not many adults.”

YOU: “Christiano, stop.  Answer this.  When was the last time you truly doubted that you could accomplish something you believed you could do?”
ME:  (pause) Nothing comes to mind.

YOU:  “Exactly!  It’s the reason I LISTEN to your music and story-telling.  I grew up and you didn’t.  You got bigger, smarter, fatter, skinny and hairy… but you never grew up and I won’t ever let you make that mistake. My children know everything about you… everything and they love you for it. I love you for all your fuck-ups and fix-ups.  You’ve made more mistakes than all of us combined… and you’ve out-lived, out-loved and continue to outpace us.  I’m not afraid to admit that I have fear of so many things.”

ME:  “Where does this equate to privileged?”
YOU:  “You have self-worth and have done things others wouldn’t dare…. and so… I have conquered several of my fears because of you.  All of us, from that time, talk about you and what you have inspired us to do, try or become.”

ME:  “If you have an inkling of your self worth, you’re more prone to take chances.”
YOU:  “It’s only, or most often, through a position of privilege that we are empowered to believe in ourselves.”

ME:  (pause)
YOU:  “The ones that give you the hardest time believe you can do what they cannot… and it, unknowingly, makes them uncomfortable.  Don’t stop!  I love you! We love you.  Keep going, C!  Don’t take 7 years to call me back next time!”

For those that know… I’m going to do “it.”

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