07 July 2020

I Would Mask-Up If…

So in consideration: I’d mask up, if and only if, 1 – Bill Gates didn’t say it took a vaccine for the world to return to normal. Government’s owned by his donations and cowardice keep that smirk on his face. 2 – There was a clear list of criteria as to when the masks COME... Read More
05 July 2020

The 2nd Wave of Fear

Covid Testing is unsubstantiated - worldwide. In the Caribbean, a "stress" test is used to tell people they have tested positive for a virus. Since people are stressed, the test for their stress will come back positive. Wearing a mask is for your personal safety. Not wearing a mask is for my personal sanity - or lack-thereof.
13 June 2020


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The debut Episode featuring Sara Yamtich & Doctor Kevin. It is evident that Christiano Can is ready to finally Open Up! Many subjects are addressed.  This podcast is ... WHOA!
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