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Response to Benjamin on Globalization

Before I began to look at numbers, I went through historical accounts of fallen civilizations. Wars didn't wipe out civilizations. In fact, many wars allowed individual cultures to coexist within the gaps of their new rulers as cultural hybrids. Language, art, music and crafts were practiced in private with preservation of the cultural being a strong cue to continue.
August 2016

Trust She

The has only been one woman I’ve met that I could trust enough to (1) turn my back on, thus allowing me to keep focus on oncoming threats and/or goals AND (2) who wouldn’t share things she knew were private for the sake of adding discord and discourse for her advantage. 
June 2016

Approved Legal

First 4/20 without medicine re-up! Quincy & Jenny both fielded our inquiry into acquiring space.  The contemplation for “approved legal” residency continues. Is 5 years,... Read More
April 2016