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Video : Growing Up (2.0)

This is "Growing Up (2.0)" - This video is updated with a glimpse of some precocious Rugrats affectionately called "The Flying Bananas." Keep Our Beaches Clean #OnePlasticFreeDay
June 2019

Growing Up with Flying Bananas

May 30, 2019 - The ladies bring glasses, for style points, and the gentlemen bring jokes. Elijah was cracking jokes all day long! This is a clip and glimpse into the high vibrations at Blue Morpho.
May 2019

Seer’ed Just Right

I picked Seer up at the bottom of the hill. And proceeded to the court with a guitar, a set of headphones and an idea. After a quick and uninspiring game With Tom consistently shooting flat-footed bricks During his triumphant return to his "home court", Seer and I headed to record.
May 2019
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