There are many things that I could be doing right now as it relates to music.  With my 1st song, #DAFHAH being published, less than 48 hours ago, I could be sitting here working on additional promotional campaigns.

I could be writing thank you’s and following up for interviews and Spotify Playlist inquiries.  I could be here talking to the teenage who asked to “design” my next video.  I could be chatting with the organization that asked to use DAFHAH in their rehab program.  I could be doing a lot of things…

But I am not.

Today has been a “sensational” day… meaning that all senses that I can name, and even those that I cannot, have been stimulated.  And in the last 30 minutes, I was notified on the health of a Music Maverick, Hip-Hop Savant and Light, who recently suffered a life-changing illness.  An illness that struck like lightening and leaves to question if he’ll ever make music again.

This is someone who has worked with and has credits on some epic hip-hop tracks.  A father who chose to carve a better path for his family and his own well-being in Costa Rica.  A Light who’s sole interest was to enlighten when and where he could without judgement.

This is someone who called me a few months ago, out of the blue, to tell me that I had been on his mind.  In the same conversation he shared that I was the sole reason he still had hope for Hip-Hop.  I definitely downplayed the impact of his statement in the moment.  However, right now, it echoes so loud as I ponder whether we will ever be able to hold a coherent conversation together, let alone, collaborate on a track. 

Every-time he visited me at HOME, his favorite Lizard, another reason he moved to Costa Rica would be around.  To see his smile, and that of his son, when the Plumed Basilisk appeared is priceless.  Meeting his jewel, his wife, and her family (the gem stones) made for a complete picture of a soul who’s actions aligned with his intent.  He didn’t work with just any and everyone and he was clearing space for me.

There is a reason, yet to be disclosed, as to why I have decided to share my personal trove of music.  And seeing a healthy, vibrant and lively young man be forever altered in an instance, is another reason that it’s time for me to share the creations that have benefited my being. 

Every death, or transition, adds to the landscape of mortality…
and punctuates the potent presence, present and power of the now.


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