04 November 2014

14 Booming Days!

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What a run it’s been!  This is just the past 14 days … i still haven’t fully consumed the past
2 years, let alone what’s set to happen after tomorrow. REMEMBER REMEMBER THE
FIFTH OF NOVEMBER!  Here’s the 2-week replay!

Day 00: Sunday October 19

Meet with team Shockholm to train for the facelift of Globen.   We traveled to Upsala,
Sweden to “hang out” and learn the necessary things needed to take on the task at hand.
Creating “The World Largest Pumpkin Face.”

Day 04: Thursday October 23

What a day!  The 1st year that Herr Storpumpa arrives and wow was it a day!  In the end,
it was Mission Complete.  How often do you get to dance atop the world largest spherical
building AND the world largest pumpkin?

Day 07: Sunday October 26

This was the first full practice with Christiano Can & Friends … the day before our first performance!
Instead of writing about the evening, here is the audio from our very 1st rehearsal.

Day 08: Monday October 27

An “Incomparably Amazing” evening!

Day 09: Wednesday October 28

Meeting with Hard Rock Cafe… “Hey we’d like to do this again!”

ENCORE Baby!!!!!  ( read more )

Day 10 & 11: Thursday October 29 & October 30

We set up a music studio in Kungsträdgården Park and had a 6 hour jam session with any and all that
came through the tent.  At one point, we had a jam’n 9 person band.  The age of participation ranged
from barely-walking up to slowly-walking 😀

Day 12: Saturday October 31

(a) The Vinyl arrives.  I am now holding the album, the art and the lyrics!!!! 3 years in the making.
Strange feeling.  Too much going on to really take it all in at the moment.

(b) Led the Shockholm festivities and parade with Bill, Jasmine, Timo and Company

(c) Shared the stage and witnessed the first performance ever by the 3 ladies with whom I’ve been practicing.  

Congrats to Elin Böhlin, Emma Larsson & Astrid Nordborg

Day 14: Sunday Nov 2

Today was the day i shared the news with the band!  ENCORE BABY!

More to come… thankful for the continued support and participation of something that’s just begun!