06 – Born to HardRock Shockholm (Rare Footage)

From late 2012 to mid 2014, I travel throughout Europe. Summer of 2014,
I return to Stockholm and start building on a budding movement.

Our star-gazing session and “How Does It Get Any Better Than That”
considerations, with a group of high-vibrational beings in Costa Rica,
confirmed that Rebecka and I would cross paths again.

Sidenote: My experiences in Stockholm were so numerous that this part will
only speak on the 1st door opened with Born. I was in a city where social-distancing
is laughed upon because it’s already practiced.  In this same city, I led a weekly Hug-a-thon
that connected hearts and souls. Let’s forward to May 24,2014.

A) HardRock IceCream Challenge

Rebecka is working at a festival in Stockholm. HardRock Cafe has a booth nearby.
I hear an announcement whereas the manager offers free ice cream if someone in
the audiences performs.

Rebecka and I look at each other and do the “Why Not’ shrug.
I happened to have the performance track to ‘Born.”
They put BORN on the speakers and passed me the mic.

Within moments of this performance, I’m engaged in a conversation with Bill Schacht.
I would call Bill a Dream Realizer.  His dream was to create the largest Halloween Party in
Scandinavia… AND to create the largest Halloween Face – ever.

I listened to his idea. I thought it was ambitious and he was passionate and determined.
My sole point of contention related to all of the sugar-candies associated with Halloween.
I mentioned to Bill that, Halloween is not a Scandinavian Celebration which gives him a
chance to introduce this celebration without the sugar candies.  With bigger matters on-hand,
he heard me out and we agreed that the celebration itself must start before modifying things.

Bill & I shared the vision of including youth in our creative pursuits.


B) Enunciation & Emphasis with Elin

Elin was open to be a participant in Shockholm.  She had heard “Born” and really liked the
song.  The idea to have her join me for the performance was presented and I accepted the
challenge.  I spoke with her parents and then we met for our 1st rehearsal.

After the first rehearsal, the word got around to Elin’s friends who wanted to join in the fun.
My only request was that they had to come to rehearsal.


C) Elin + Friends + The Mop Mic

Very few people, other than Elin and her friends know the story of me signing and dancing
with various mops and brooms.  I chose to introduce the mic to prepare the girls on how to
sing with direction.  MIC CONTROL is very important… and my mic choreography is epic!

And after this session, the ladies were confident!  Very confident and so
we walked to the closest train station and continued rehearsal in front of people.



D) Let’s Go Up!

In addition to being invited as co-headliner of SHOCKHOLM, Bill’s push opened doors
to many locations within the city of Stockholm.  Who knew there were so many tunnels
and passageways in Old Town.

Not only was Shockholm about the performance, it was also about making a statement.
And Bill’s statement required that we take rappelling classes prior to putting a face on Globen.


E) Elin performs “Born” @ HardRock Cafe!

A few days before the trio are to perform with me @ Shockholm, Elin accepts the invitation
to sing at HardRock Cafe’s Halloween party.  This was her first time singing with a band.
Can you say… “Yeah!”



Rebecka, Armand, Vitalis and I are pumped with good vibes and ready to fill the city of
Stockholm with good vibes.  We hop from place to place, all the while I am still dressed as
Grinch Can.  We end up at a restaurant and start a jam session.



Additional photos from the events surrounding Shockholm.

Good News:

“Can Is Born” features a series of short stories,
poems, reflections, audio and visual notes
related to My 1st Song!

The Complete “Can Is Born” Series is HERE


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