05 – Born thru Europe

A. “Born” in Berlin

After a 3-minute train conversation, I joined Leigh for a set he was having at a restaurant.
We spoke music philosophy, life’s entanglements, love and passionate artistic pursuits.

A few days later, we met for a creative session.  Shortly after our rehearsal, I was invited
to THE OPEN MIC SHOW in Berlin.


B. The Open Mic Show

The Open Mic Show was a funk-soul filled night of fun.  It is an invite-only
industry event in Berlin.  Creatives are invited to perform a set backed by
a band of Berlin’s finest musicians.

On this evening, I brought out Leigh Thomas as a surprise to the band and
audience – to mix things up.  The vibes went up and up and a choir of
voices began to jam along as Born progressed.

Yet another confirmation that “Born” was the key.

C. Night Star meets MrCanCan

Night Star was at THE OPEN MIC SHOW.  In fact, he was a crowd favorite.
After I finished performing, we were beginning to speak.

He was not scheduled to perform, however, the host requested that he take
the mic. Reluctantly, he approached the stage, grabbed the mic and showcased
his god-given gift.  Dat Boi Can Sang! 

A short time thereafter, we met for an interview series he was filming at the time.
Night Star, aka Marlon Williford, went on a successful run for The Voice of Germany.


D. “Born” at Story Hotel

OMG! SO many things about this night.  Let’s see, so my very 1st performance in
Sweden was planned, purposeful and random.

Rebecka was my partner during my Scandinavian ground-breakings. I had an idea of
changing small commercial spaces into intimate hangouts. We organized
and redesigned the hotel lobby while the manager was away.  From pillow rentals
to last minute thrift shop accessories, Rebecka is an irreplaceable asset in anyone’s life.

Joel Bullen flew in from London to join me for an impromptu session.  Bambo Cissokho
was introduced to me by Eddie.  Because his participation was aligned with a vacation
visit, Joel and I had one evening of rehearsal.  Bambo knew how to fill in the space.

We enjoyed an evening of high-vibrations, hugs, laughs and more hugs!
This is a snippet of Christiano Can presents “The Living Room”

E. Born in Athens

Blue joined me in Athens to start the recordings for our first musical project.
During our time together, we began to build ideas for the growing catalogue.

One night, we set up the camera and started to record a reference of Born.
I don’t think it was ever meant to be shared, however, I found it to be good
historical footage.

I knew I was growing.  And no matter what, I could look back at this point
in time and see the growth.  AND I CAN!  Oh buddy have I grown since.


E. That Thing Right There!

Did you know that I was part of a Drum & Bass Band?
It was short-lived yet Hella-fun!
Karl, Bros and I kept it simple, pure and RAW!


• VideoBlog: The Making of Inbetween The Lines

And there’s one more…


Good News:

“Can Is Born” features a series of short stories,
poems, reflections, audio and visual notes
related to My 1st Song!

The Complete “Can Is Born” Series is HERE


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