04 – Born in Panajachel

It was time to move around a bit.  I jumped on a bus with my sister.
It was her first trip to Guatemala and in hindsight,
it was a necessary
moment of her expansion.

Kevin, Athena, Jeremy, Tiano (Puerto Viejo, July, 2011)

My creative bubble was “open” and I was eager to build with Athena.
All possible permutations of what may be made the journey to
Panajachel that much more exciting.

Upon arrival, Conversation, Considerations and Creations were abundant!
We downed massive amounts of raw cacao, exchanged stories,
listened to music, danced, crossed ideas, laughed and …

This video was my 1st attempt at sharing some of the happenings
during The Making of IBTL in Guatemala.

We Took A Few Photos…
Styled by Athena
Fabrics native to Guatemaya

Our one-take music video for “Born”

And from Panajachel,
I return to Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica,
Before heading to Europe to learn
what more Born has in store!

Good News:

“Can Is Born” features a series of short stories,
poems, reflections, audio and visual notes
related to My 1st Song!

The Complete “Can Is Born” Series is HERE


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