03 – Stop Believing, Start Being

In early 2011, I had stopped traveling.
I was now in Costa Rica.
In solitude.

The decision was made to “Go and Be.” 
Where to go and what to be was a mystery.
I had no finite direction but I was already on my way.

One day I walked into Miss Lidia’s Place, a Caribbean restaurant in the heart of
Puerto Viejo.  A short, intense conversation with Junior, or “Juni”, Lidia’s son, and
the ball started rolling.

In short, I told him that I was looking for a teacher and a farm of which to get active.
I wanted no money in return, only to work and benefit from the fruits of my labor.

Juni, at that time, was unaware of my motivation and drive.  We agreed
to meet one morning and head to the farm.  After the first week together,
we were rather inseparable.  Many stories, tales and events happened to
bring us in greater awareness of each other.

No matter how much I could be in accord with a human,
When it came to the core principles of Economics and Capitalism,
It was the root cause of dissent amongst my closest peers.

Instead of being alone in meditation and silent reflection, I had a new knack in my
routine. I looked forward to each day. Between 4:30a – 5:30a Juni would pick me up
for the ride up El Tucan, to the property.

First Stop was always the “check-in” area.
Check for snakes, spiders, eggs (usually frogs) and scorpions.
After the check, Juni fires up a pot of coffee and we prepare for breakfast
and a jungle concert.

Those days, Juni sang his “Roots and Culcha” tunes a lot. It made for
good laughs.  He would tell me about the various musicians in town.
He also mentioned taking me to a studio to meet a local DJ.

Juni and Luis would always talk about how to either (1) sale the property or
(2) acquire the adjacent properties.  With me around, they saw a steady influx
on “tourists” visiting and thus their plans and conversations changed.

The newfound interest was in continuing to introduce people to the property — for a fee.
I deflected and never joined in on that part of the vision.  I did build a website and proposal
for the property and project to continue at no cost other than time and effort.  And it was
very well-received.

Unfortunately, the idea didn’t involve large streams of income.  It did involve unlimited
amounts of food, a tool and resource database and a plan to create a local currency.
I had a multi-tiered plan that would increase the collective Caribbean wealth and set an
example that could disrupt the Banking Cartels.

Visitors came with me to learn and contribute to the project.  Payment was sweat,
food and lots and lots of laughter. With all that we did together on that property, there
is no way I could ever go hungry in the jungle.  No matter the year, I need only walk to
an old friend and put my hands in familiar soil.

As the days passed, we could see the fruits of our labor slowly coming into view.
And because it’s the jungle, the weeds were quickly coming into view as well.
So many things thrive here.

In the Garden of Life, If you do not find what interests you, what motivates you, what
calls out to your passion… eventually the weeds will overtake your seeds.
Weeds serve a purpose greater than yours – until you find you.

One day I went to sleep with the thought of how best to become more…me.
I awoke to a blur , as things began to change… SUPER FAST!

Juni took me to Positive Studios to meet DJ Chris.  It was an introduction
that set the foundation for a future relationship.  Chris gave me unlimited access to
the studio because I knew hardware, software, music and we learned.

The next time I would see Chris would be with B-One when we sat and recorded, “I Know.”
Though our relationship has been fickle at times, B-One played a significant role in me
picking up the microphone – once more.

In Early 2012, The Lazy Mon had an open Jam that was buzzing.
This was also a time when Loveless was building a music studio at Rocking J’s.
Each week this creative town would meet on the seaside, drink and cheer on
whomever chose to take the stage.

Jess Chick, Kiko, Loveless, Che and McDougal and others were staples. Every now
and then you’d see Abasi and Khalil giving thought to playing an old tune from their
band days. Bryton and Jackson would shout, cheer, drink, pass out and start over.

Here is a clip of Jesse Chick singing the chorus to Born.

Up the road, Wanda had a peaceful space in Playa Chiquita called Organica Botanica.
I sat daily, reading and writing, between beach visits to use the internet.  Consistent
High-Speed internet access was still quite a luxury.  It was here that I met Kass,
another Catalyst, who introduced me to Rebecka and the rest is history!

From Junior to B-One to Kass to Rebecka there was purpose-filled growth in progress.
Kelly, JT, Serena and DJ Chris were supporters of my undeniable talent… and equally
as curious, as they were skeptical, about the world without money i spoke about so

FACT: Everything Happens For A Reason
If Rocking J had not walked into the music studio, “Born” would have been
recorded there and likely taken a different path.  The vision of the studio, my role
and the mistiming of J’s statement allowed Born to take a different route.

I began to write, freestyle and create at an almost manic pace.  I was working and
creating with every creative and open-mind that came thru town. We sat at beaches,
We sat at Todo Es Posible, we sat in Rocking J’s Studio and sang from our hearts!

And it kept growing!
I kept growing.

When the opportunity to re-unite with a Super Creative in Guatemala presented itself,
Born and I took the bus trip down…

Good News:

“Can Is Born” features a series of short stories,
poems, reflections, audio and visual notes
related to My 1st Song!

The Complete “Can Is Born” Series is HERE


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